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3 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day

It’s February and love is in the air, but not just romantic love! Here are three fun, creative ways to celebrate your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Quality Time Together

Up to this point in life, your loved one has probably received quite a few gifts. And depending on their love language, gifting might still be pretty important to them. But for many, there’s not a gift in the world that compares to being able to spend time with their favorite friends and family members. As we age, we become increasingly more aware of the time we have left to share memories and moments with our favorite people. So plan a trip to see your loved one (maybe go for a surprise visit to make it extra fun) and bring gifts, too! During your visit there, you can play a game together, share stories, and spend quality time with each other.

A Personalized Video

If traveling to see your senior for Valentine’s Day 2022 is challenging, you can share the love through a video message instead. Gather up all the family members and friends of your loved one and have them take a few seconds of recording time on a video to recall their fondest memory or the thing they love most about them. If people live a distance away and getting together for this is not as convenient, have them record and send their video message to you. Save all the videos to your computer and use a simple online (and free) program, like to bring all the content together. You can even add in music and fun graphics to make it more personal – there are tutorials on the website that show you how to do it all.

Do Something Special for Them

What’s your senior’s favorite dessert, snack, or meal? Bake something tasty for them. What’s their favorite genre of movies? Bring some treats and drinks to have a movie night or take them on an outing to the local theater for a show. You know your loved one best. So give it a little thought, make a plan to surprise them, and have a great time together.

Cheers to treating the seniors in your life this Valentine’s Day! Looking for other year-round gift ideas? Visit and follow along with our other Milestone Retirement Communities blogs for more senior-centric gifting and holiday tips.