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3 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day With Your Loved One

Grandparents bring love, happiness, and connection to grandkids – and the rest of the family, for that matter! In honor of Grandparents Day on Sep. 12, Milestone Retirement Communities is sharing some creative ways to celebrate our favorite seniors.

Make a Photo Album of Memories

Now is a better time than ever to create a collage, album, or scrapbook to commemorate past family get-togethers and your parents sharing sweet moments with your kids during the holidays and visits. Collect images of your favorite memories and combine them into a beautiful gift.

Keep it simple by having your kids decorate the front of a photo album book and popping some of your most memorable snapshots into the sleeves of the book. Another great option is to use an online service, like Costco Wholesale’s Photo Center for a high-quality hardcover album. And if you don’t have a Costco membership, try out Mixbook Photo Co.

Make Their Favorite Treats

The key to the heart is often through the stomach. And if you know your senior’s favorite treats or snacks, this is a perfect opportunity to surprise them with something sweet. Have your kiddos join in on the preparation and pair it with a handwritten card telling them how much you and their grandchildren care about them. Don’t forget to be cautious of allergies, health concerns, or dietary restrictions.

Get to Know Your Family Tree

Websites like Ancestry and FamilySearch offer the opportunity to find information about your family’s lineage and history just by signing up and looking up maiden and married names. And if you want to take it a step further, send your loved one a 23andMe kit to learn about where their geographical DNA heritage comes from.

If COVID-19 restrictions are in effect in your area, all of the above is easily done by sending their gifts in the mail, or by connecting with them virtually. Browse through our Milestone Retirement Communities blog page or click any of the related tags at the top of this post for more fun holidays and celebrations.