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4 Ideas For Celebrating Halloween With Your Loved One

Halloween can be especially fun for seniors, as it invites them to get creative, from dressing up in costumes and painting pumpkins to making DIY decorations and baking Halloween-themed treats. While there are some considerations to make, particularly if your loved one is living with dementia, there are plenty of festive activities for seniors to enjoy during All Hallows’ Eve.

Pumpkin Carving or Painting

Pumpkins are known as the traditional symbol for the fall season and All Hallows’ Eve. A rather messy project but quite rewarding, carving pumpkins with your loved one can be a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween together. Only a few simple tools are needed, and finding carving kits at Target or Walmart is also an easy way to go about collecting your supplies.

For your senior who may be a bit more limited with hand-eye coordination or for those with dementia, painting pumpkins is a great alternative. Acrylic paint, a few paint brushes, a cup of washing water, and a drop cloth are all you need to paint pumpkins. Any local grocer or crafting store typically has a variety of supplies for this Halloween craft project.


Your senior’s home is their safe space and their place of comfort. Decorating their home for Halloween is a fun way to get them in the spooky holiday spirit while helping them feel happiness from their surroundings. For pumpkin decorating, it’s easy to find Halloween-themed items at any home decor shop.

Baking Treats

Baking Halloween-inspired treats is a fun way to celebrate this festive holiday together. Try creating these easy and fun, no-bake Halloween treats. You can eat the creations together or give them to friends and family. (If you’re giving treats to family or friends, remain COVID safe and be sure to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face or body, and wear gloves.)

Spending Time With Family & Friends

Small get-togethers are a fun way to spend All Hallows’ Eve with your loved one. Be sure to mask up, practice physical distancing and wash hands frequently to keep each other safe. You could also step your festivities up a notch with a costume party. Help your loved one dress up or host a themed party where guests – family and friends – show up in a thematic costume get-up.

Any of the above ideas are fun ways to get into the Halloween spirit. Visit our Milestone Retirement Communities blog for more ideas on how to safely spend the holidays together.