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4 reasons why you should volunteer at a senior living community with your kids this summer

Anyone who loves a senior understands the importance of being informed on senior issues, and so do we. Our News You Can Use posts are meant to help seniors and their families as they learn and transition together through the physical and emotional changes brought on by aging.

School is out for summer and parents across the country are trying their best to juggle their day-to-day responsibilities while keeping their kids occupied. Chances are “volunteering at a senior living community” isn’t on most parents’ list of things to do as a family before back-to-school seasons hits, but it’s a strong contender. Here are four reasons why you should consider volunteering at a senior living community with your kids this summer:

1) Story time!
Senior living residents are a wealth of experience and are usually happy to share their stories. Many of them have lived through major historical events like WWII, multiple prominent presidencies, and the moon landing. Talk about a great history lesson!

2) Tech talk
Lots of seniors would like to keep in touch with their families online, but don’t have the know-how. Computer classes are a growing trend in senior living communities, especially those with high schoolers at the helm. Tech-savvy teens and tweens can make great teachers on everything from how to turn on an iPad to how to send a Facebook message, so sharing their expertise with seniors makes for great practice, especially if they’re considering education as a career path.

3) Simple gifts
Youngsters tend to love gift giving, especially when the gift is homemade, like a drawing or other craft. What a better way to brighten your child’s day than letting them make their own art and taking them on a special trip to give it as a gift! Added bonus: the smiling face of a child is sure to brighten the seniors’ day too.

4) Pay it forward
No matter what your child’s age, volunteering is a first-class lesson in humility. Donating our time and attention to others is a strong reminder that it’s our civic responsibility to work together, to help each other, and to make a difference.

Ready to make a difference in your community? Call a Milestone Retirement community near you to find a volunteer experience for you and your family.