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5 Holiday Gifts to Keep Your Loved One Warm & Cozy

The holidays are here. Temperatures are dropping. Here are some holiday gift ideas to keep the senior in your life warm and cozy as they settle in for the winter.

Hot Chocolate

Most of us enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea throughout the year. But for some reason, when the holidays come around, we collectively get a hankering for some good ol’ hot chocolate. Make winter magical for your loved one this year with Williams Sonoma Double Dark Gourmet Hot Chocolate. This hot chocolate mix combines two premium dark chocolates to create a velvety smooth, rich flavor concocted to delight. Who knew keeping warm could taste so exquisite?

Heated Blanket

Snuggling with an electric heated blanket is an experience unlike any other! Whether it’s for cozying up before a holiday movie marathon or just because, your loved one will appreciate all the warmth the blanket provides. There are plenty of options out there, but we think the Wicked Cozy Heated Blanket offers the most in terms of comfort. Choose between Twin, Full/Queen, and King sizes.

Fingerless Gloves

Does your loved one have perpetually cold hands? Consider getting them some fingerless gloves. That way, they can stay warm all day long without having to remove their gloves every time they want to give you a call or work on a project at home.

Love Your Layers

Getting and staying warm during the colder months is all about layering. If your loved one is short on optimal clothing choices, invest in some simple basics like a knit coat or a full-zip sweater fleece jacket. Think about what would be easiest for them to slip on and off, and then move to the fabrics and colors that they love.

Staying Active

Nothing warms your body up quite like an energizing workout. If your loved one is the type of person who loves to stay active, there are lots of ways to help them get the blood pumping. If they aren’t already, help them get set up with a laptop or smart device to watch routines designed for seniors for free online. If they prefer things a little more old school, get them a DVD program. Do you have an old Wii lying around? “Wii Sports” is still a popular video game among seniors – an 85-year-old holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of perfect games in the title’s bowling minigame. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring!

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