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5 Valentine’s Day Activities For Seniors

Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate your loved one, but coming up with fun new ways to celebrate the holiday can be difficult. Here are three unique Valentine’s Day date ideas for seniors.

The Not-So Newlywed Game

A spin on the classic! Plan a fun game after a romantic dinner with the Not-So Newlywed Game. Take turns answering a list of questions – use these suggestions if you need ideas – and then see if your partner can guess what you wrote down. Use candy kisses to track points and spend time learning new things about each other.

Love Song Trivia

Take the competition up a notch with a Valentine’s Day themed trivia game. Pick your favorite love songs from throughout the ages and see if your partner can name that tune! Extra points if they can guess the song name and the artist name. If you need to make it a little harder, play a clip of the song that is not the opening or the chorus so the song is not as obvious.

Scrapbook Date Night

If you are looking for memorable a Valentine’s Day craft activity, get out your glue sticks and photo boxes. Creating a scrapbook or memory wall is a great cheap date idea. Spend time looking through photos together and reliving the memories.

Valentine’s Day Group Activities

If you aren’t feeling the love this year – don’t worry – we’ve thought of some fun ways to incorporate everyone. The holiday is not limited to romantic love. Share the day with your friends and neighbors, as well. Everyone needs a little reminder that they are loved and appreciated. Here are a couple group activities for seniors to take part in.

Valentine’s Bingo

Get the whole group involved! Themed bingo boards make a great Valentine’s Day game for adults. You can print out a variety of different Valentine boards here. Pick a large room to gather in where you can practice social distancing, and use Conversation Heart candies to mark your progress to BINGO.

Heart Walk with Heart

Most people think of Valentine’s Day and think of candy, champagne, romantic dinners, and heart-shaped pancakes. But not everything on Valentine’s Day needs to wreck your cholesterol and glycemic numbers. One of the more beneficial activities for seniors is as simple as a walk. Exercise your heart while appreciating your loved one. Invite your friends and make it a group activity.

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, spend time appreciating your loved ones. As long as you do it together, it will be memorable. For more easy date ideas and activities for seniors, visit the Milestone Retirement Communities blog.