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5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Loved One

The end of the year is upon us, and it’s no surprise the season is one for reflection, gratitude, and celebration. Make some lasting memories with your senior loved one with these five great ways to celebrate the holiday season together.

Go Somewhere Meaningful

Nothing inspires more than a well-planned change of scenery. Instead of giving gifts, spend that extra year-end money on a trip that your senior loved one has always wanted to embark upon. Visit a place they’ve always wanted to see, and spend the day exploring new horizons together.

This idea should consider your loved one’s level of mobility, so you can make sure the trip is focused on ease and fun. A car rental or a wheelchair rental can help make things go even more smoothly.

Make a Memorable Holiday Card

A holiday greeting card with a photo might seem like a simple token, but take it a step further. We all know that every photograph tells a story, so why not create a story this holiday season by staging a fun scene for a holiday card. This idea will work best if it’s unique – think about specific themes involving different elements or locations. Remember to focus on the fun factor, and the memories will be encapsulated in the end result, making every glance a return to that happy day.

Decorate the Living Space Together

We all like to look around and absorb the holiday cheer surrounding us. Taking a day to decorate your senior loved one’s living space will be a constant seasonal reminder of a day well spent. There are plenty of ways to enliven the experience, too:

Cook Together

Some households have the same members cooking every year. This year, mix it up and enjoy a heartfelt holiday cooking session with the motto, “There are never too many cooks in the kitchen.” Keep it about the fun, and maybe you or your loved one will emerge learning some new culinary skills!

Attend a New Holiday Event

There are plenty of events happening during the holiday season, and we rarely take advantage of all of them. Here are some great ideas for holiday events:

We hope we’ve sparked some ideas to make your holiday season more eventful, heartwarming, and memorable. For more holiday ideas and plenty of other senior-centric topics, visit our Milestone Retirement Communities blog.