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Celebrate National Creativity Day with these projects for seniors

Did you know that May 30 marks National Creativity Day? This day encourages everyone to unleash their inner artist. People can celebrate by crafting, making music, writing or participating in any other creative activity.

This year, inspire the senior in your life to embrace originality and construct a work of art. Join in on the fun with your loved one by bonding over their creative activity. You can also encourage them to join a class or club to meet other seniors who want to get imaginative.

The benefits of creativity for seniors

Encouraging seniors to keep their brains active through creative expression comes with many benefits. Researchers at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield confirmed that there’s a positive correlation between successful aging and creativity. The data show that participating in creative activities may promote a sense of competence, purpose and growth throughout life.


An increased ability to communicate is another advantage that comes with encouraging seniors to get creative, according to Dr. Raquel Stephenson at Lesley University. She teaches art therapy sessions with seniors, and has found that painting has opened a new door to communication. Those who speak other languages or face difficulties interacting verbally because of dementia can use art to express themselves and build connections with others. She explained that art breaks barriers of communication, which can ultimately reduce feelings of loneliness and depression in seniors.


“If by improving a person’s sense of happiness and social connection through creative engagement we can reduce isolation and depression, we may be able to delay significant contact with the healthcare system.”


She concluded that making art with others can enhance self-esteem, feelings of motivation and social connections. When seniors immerse themselves in creative activity, they can reap these benefits, which can lead to improved health and overall well-being as they age.

Get creative with these activities

With all of the benefits that come with creative expression, why not exercise your imagination and get crafty or start a new hobby? This National Creativity Day, encourage your loved one to try one of the following activities to get the creative juices flowing:

1. Make a bird feeder

This cute outdoor craft is perfect for the spring or summertime. HGTV recommended using recycled glass or plastic bottles, a glass dish and a wooden plank to put together your own bird feeder, a unique item that’s both environmentally and animal friendly. After finishing the feeder, enjoy watching the different kinds of birds that visit each day.

2. Create your own greeting cards

Personalized greeting cards are fun and simple to make, and they come in handy year-round. Better Home and Gardens magazine recommended using cardstock, scraps of fabric, stickers and press-on gems to create your own design.

3. Start a blog

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like putting your thoughts on paper. Nowadays, you can take those traditional skills and put them on the web by starting a blog! Come up with a theme and then pick a platform. From there, you can launch your blog and share your thoughts with loved ones and new cyber friends!

One of the great things about moving to a senior living community is the social comradery residents get to experience. Your loved one will have ample opportunity to meet others and engage in group activities throughout the week, so they can get crafty with their friends in the community.

At Milestone Retirement Communities, our signature In the Moment® Memory Support program is built on six principles of well-being, which include artistic expression, physical engagement, spiritual support, community connections, continuing education, and lifestyle and leisure. Through all of these principles, we’re constantly encouraging seniors to get creative, remain active and immerse themselves in social situations as they age.

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