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How to make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up soon — Sunday, May, 13, to be exact — so if you haven’t planned anything, it’s time to get to work!

That’s because moms occupy a special place in our worlds and deserve more than one special day each year. While dads aren’t anything to shake a stick at, it always seemed mom was the one hustling you out the door to school with a baby on her shoulder, or flitting between home, work, or the grocery store at the speed of light without missing a beat. So while one day in May certainly isn’t enough to give moms all around the world their due credit, it’ll do.

Celebrating mom or other important women in your life doesn’t have to be much different if they live in a retirement community. Making mom feel special this Mother’s Day is just as easily done when visiting her in senior living. Though there are some considerations to take into account, there are a number of creative, heartfelt ways to let mom know how much she’s meant to you over the years and into the future.

Enjoy Mother’s Day brunch or tea

While going out for a nice dinner is always an option, the dining-related events most popular on Mother’s Day are brunch and tea — which makes sense knowing it’s a Sunday and the perfect time to enjoy a late morning or early afternoon gathering. Brunch has become a staple of modern American culture and is a great option for Mother’s Day. Fresh fruit, omelet stations, sandwiches and more are great complements to a celebratory morning, and you’ve got the rest of the day to sit around and catch up. Afternoon tea also gives you an opportunity to relax and reflect, sharing time and stories with mom and the rest of the family. You can even add crumpets or cookies to the tea time to make it feel like an authentic affair.

If your mom is in a retirement community, you may need to coordinate with staff, particularly if she’s in assisted living and can’t travel to a favorite restaurant or cafe. Many communities will feature brunch events of their own, and if there’s a garden or outside area, you can talk to the community about setting up a table and chairs outside for afternoon tea. Either way, both the effort and time will go a long way toward making mom happy on her special day.

Visit an arboretum or botanical garden

It may be a little cliche to connect Mother’s Day and flowers immediately, but the link exists for a reason. Moms very often love flowers, so it makes sense to find a way to build this love into a special celebration. Luckily, since it’s May, nice weather and blooming plants are a pretty sight to take in during a leisurely stroll through a local arboretum or botanical garden. Some facilities also have special Mother’s Day attractions, like animal shows or gardening lessons, so be sure to check out the calendar before deciding where to go.

As nice as a walk through the lush greenery is, though, it might be a challenge for mom to sustain a long period of physical activity on her feet, especially if she uses a walker or other device. However, it’s likely most locations you’d consider can accommodate mom’s needs by providing a wheelchair for the duration of the planned family outing.

Do something she likes

In the end, the best way to make your mom feel special on Mother’s Day is by taking the time to do something she likes. While everyone’s mother is different, you’ll know from years of experience what your mom’s interests, hobbies and passions are.

Maybe she has a favorite actor from a bygone area — like Cary Grant or Gregory Peck. One idea to consider is having a movie marathon in your mom’s apartment. You can dim the lights a bit and bring some snacks to munch on throughout the films. Or, if your mom likes sewing or quilting, sit down with her and try your hand at a pattern, even if you’ve never been very crafty yourself. It’s a near lock that mom will appreciate your time and attention no matter the result.

Mother’s Day is a date to circle on the calendar, especially if your mom lives in a retirement community. As evidenced, there are plenty of creative ways to make mom feel special on Mother’s Day, and the fact is the simple effort often means more than anything else. We understand this well, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing as safe and enjoyable of an environment as possible for assisted living residents celebrating Mother’s Day. Talk to us today for more information on what we offer, or how to schedule a visit.