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More than Bingo: 5 Fun-Filled Senior Living Activities

Leisure at a retirement community is sometimes seen as only being a stuffy bingo hall.

We’re here to tell you that assisted living is much more than just a weekly bingo game, and can include a wealth of activities and opportunities for enrichment. Whatever your hobbies or interests were before you considered senior living, there’s always something on the calendar for you to enjoy. From social events to talent shows to card game tournaments and everything in between, there’s plenty of services in a retirement community to add some excitement and amusement to your day!

While bingo may certainly have its place, assisted living activities offer much more, such as:

1. Tai chi

You’ve maybe heard about tai chi as some exotic exercise regimen, or even seen groups of people practicing in the park and wanted to know what it’s all about. Tai chi is a perfect way to stay active in retirement because it has a number of benefits. For one, tai chi is hardly an intensive workout, as it’s more about improving or maintaining balance, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Other benefits to think about include how tai chi ties physical health to inner peace and mental strength. Practicing in a group also helps you meet new adherents. Plus, there’s nothing better than moving around in the fresh air when it’s warm outside.

2. Field trips

Piling on the bus and packing a lunch isn’t something exclusive to schoolchildren. Even assisted living residents get to relive those field trip memories of years past, as communities often include a select number of trips to various destinations or locales each month. Perhaps your community has planned an outing to a nearby arboretum in observance of Earth Day, or maybe there’s a Halloween costume party at a local center. One popular outing is going to a sporting event – and what’s better than watching a baseball game at the stadium in the summer? Whether you reside close to a professional or minor league team, be on the lookout for a chance to sing the seventh inning stretch in the sun.

3. Social clubs

Retirement communities unite people of all different backgrounds and interests, which is great both for diversity and for finding like-minded souls. Knowing this, there’s bound to be a group you can join to pursue your passion — or try something entirely new! While some standard clubs to look for include those dedicated to books, stitching/sewing, golf and movies. Yet other exciting prospects like a wine and cheese club or a gardening society can also be found by residents in assisted living.

4. Seminars or lessons

Now that you might have some time to fill during the days, it may be worth picking up a new hobby or learning something you’ve always been curious about but have never had the time to pursue. To satisfy this need, communities often bring in experts or instructors to lead sessions with residents. Your community, for instance, may bring in an artist to some events dedicated to painting in a certain style, or it may welcome a musician teach guitar or piano.

5. Monthly birthday celebrations

With as many residents as there are in most communities, there’s bound to be a birthday every week or so. While residents may celebrate their own special days with family, they can join in the collective fun with monthly birthday events. Grouping all the month’s birthday boys and girls for one big event is a great way to show some love and have some fun at the same time.

Talk to Milestone Retirement today about what other activities and enrichment opportunities we offer at our communities. We understand how vital social stimulation is to senior living, along with care and assistance, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible experience that we can.