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National Assisted Living Week: 5 Reasons Why Caregivers Are Essential

National Assisted Living Week 2020 is almost upon us. This annual celebration, established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living, honors “the role of assisted living in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.” This special week, which this year is slated for Sept. 13-19, encourages Assisted Living communities nationwide to help educate the public about this integral component of long-term care. This year’s theme is “Caring Is EssentiAL.” Here at Milestone Retirement Communities, we can think of nothing more fitting than paying homage to Assisted Living’s amazing caregivers. Here are five things that make them so special.

They’re Here to Help Ease the Transition

It’s not always easy for a senior entering an Assisted Living community to accept they need a little extra help with day-to-day activities. Caregivers walk a fine line between preserving the independence and dignity of residents while providing care that can sometimes be embarrassing – and they walk that line very well.

They’re the Ultimate Helping Hand

Caregivers provide more than just help with the activities of daily living like dressing and bathing. They’re here to help make the lives of residents better in every way possible – everything from helping residents choose their favorite activities from our monthly calendar and helping them stay on top of their medication regimen to helping them master FaceTime so they can call their grandkids.

They Put Residents First

It’s one thing to care for someone you know and love. It’s entirely another to devote yourself to serving complete strangers. That’s true selflessness. Caregivers take the time to get to know each resident, the activities that bring them joy, their favorite foods, their daily routines, their life stories – every little detail – to provide the best and most personalized care possible. When you place your loved one in the care of another, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re being treated like family. That’s what caregivers provide.

They Are Your Loved One’s Lifeline

If you can’t be your loved one’s full-time caregiver, you want someone you can trust filling that role. You can rest assured that Assisted Living caregivers will be there for your mom or dad when they’re needed – whether that’s to help coordinate care, schedule transportation to a medical appointment, or watch out for changes in behavior or temperament that might be signs of depression or anxiety.

Emotional Support

It can be lonely for seniors adjusting to life in a new, unfamiliar environment. Caregivers can help navigate the newness by being that friendly shoulder they can lean on. That level of emotional support is invaluable. After all, isolation and loneliness can lead to serious health conditions for seniors. How will you celebrate National Assisted Living Week? It can be as easy as thanking a caregiver or anyone else working in an Assisted Living community!

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