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Safety & Security: The Peace of Mind Senior Living Communities Provide

You want the best for your parents and provide a helping hand whenever possible. Whether it’s with picking up groceries, driving them to medical appointments or stopping by to visit and share dinner, your family prioritizes the health and well-being of your loved ones.

But do you know the greatest gift that you could give them?
Peace of mind.

Senior living safety: why older adults worry

Growing older can be a wonderful time. But for many seniors, fear can become a larger part of their life. Everyone has a certain level of anxiety or worry, but as the years pass we may begin experiencing a shift in how we see the world.

Whether we have lost a family member or friend, have fallen or become ill or injured, or are not as able to take care of ourselves, the time may come when we no longer feel as safe or secure in our home as we once did.

Senior living safety: what older adults worry about

As we grow older, it’s not uncommon to become more concerned about our security, which may involve:

● Living alone

● Fear of what would happen if we became ill or injured

● Developing memory problems or dementia

● Developing chronic conditions

● Losing mobility

● Becoming dependent on others

Senior living safety: discovering the peace of mind senior living provides

1. Life in an accessible home and community

Your parents may currently be living in a home that doesn’t support aging-in-place. They may be navigating steps and stairs and may not be able to access certain areas if narrow doorways or small rooms don’t allow for using a wheelchair or walker.

A community is designed to promote the independence of its residents and senior living safety. All homes, community rooms and common areas are accessible.

2. Assistance with daily tasks

If your parents depend on others for help to handle basic tasks, they may be feeling uncomfortable at having to rely on family or friends as caregivers and not as loved ones to enjoy spending time with.

A senior living community provides assistance with daily tasks such as bathing safely, dressing, grooming and managing medications while supporting their residents to live as independently as possible.

3. Healthy and delicious meals

Your parents may be finding planning, shopping and preparing meals more challenging as they grow older and worry they’re not eating a healthy diet. It’s not always easy to get to the store and older adults may begin substituting snacks or processed foods or even skipping meals altogether.

If they choose to make a senior living community home, they’ll enjoy the advantages of letting someone else take care of providing the type of food they need.

4. Planned activities and social events

Social isolation and inactivity can be detrimental to health but your parents may find it is more difficult to participate in activities they enjoy or to attend social events, especially if they are less mobile or no longer driving.

Senior living communities provide scheduled activities and events, where your parents can easily meet their neighbors and other residents and begin forming friendships.

5. Fitness and exercise classes

Staying in shape is important to the health of your parents but being able to travel to a gym or class may stand in their way. They may worry about no longer being able to focus on fitness.

Senior living communities offer the peace of mind of an on-site fitness center or classes so your parents can easily exercise or improve their flexibility or balance.

6. Scheduled transportation

If your parents no longer drive, they may feel as if they are losing their independence, especially if they have to rely on others for rides. Those that live in more rural areas or don’t have access to other transportation options can begin to feel isolated.

Senior living communities provide scheduled transportation so your parents can participate in activities, entertainment events or do their shopping.

7. Security and safety features

Your parents may have become more concerned about the security of their home and neighborhood. It may not be as safe or they might find it no longer as walkable or welcoming as it once was.

Communities typically include senior living safety and security features such as personnel, alarm systems or additional safety measures.

Milestone Retirement Communities

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