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It’s hard to believe, but we’re already heading into the spring season. During this time of year, most people are going to be dusting their shelves, mopping their floors, and getting rid of their old stuff. We’re in the midst of the spring cleaning season.

As fun as this time of the year is, it can be hard because it may require doing away with some of the possessions we’ve had for years. If you have an elderly loved one who happens to have a generous number of old items, you might have to go through the difficult task of convincing them to downsize. Here are three easy tips for helping your senior loved ones manage their spring cleaning.

Start Planning Ahead

Before you start moving things around, you and your loved one should start making a list of what needs to be done from top to bottom. It’s also vital that you and them be on the same page with which room or area to tackle first. Be sure to ask for their input in improving your cleaning list. Making a list starting with the highest priority room or area helps in being organized with your spring cleaning.

Recruit Some Extra Help

Now that you both have a good idea of what needs to be focused on in your elderly loved one’s homes, don’t be afraid to invite some family and friends for extra help. What if the tasks are too overwhelming for you and your elderly loved one to handle? Having a nice group of family or friends to help out gets the job done more quickly. It’s also a great way for your loved one to catch up with their family members and find out what they’ve been up to. Treat your loved one and fellow workers to a home-cooked meal after the job is done.

Get Your Elderly Loved One Involved

Because it is their living space that you’re cleaning, it only makes sense to get your elderly loved one involved. Despite their limitations, you can still give your loved ones something to do. If they have a little strength, they can do some lighter cleaning tasks with you. It will be a good exercise for them. However, if they have a little trouble getting around, you could give them an easier job of sitting down and going through some paperwork.

Spring cleaning is a tough job, but it’s something that needs to be done. If you and your loved one are interested in retirement living, we at Milestone Retirement Communities offer a whole continuum of care that includes maintenance-free living. For more information on our senior living services, please be sure to contact us today. And for anything else, we’re always here to help with our blog.