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Showing Dedication to Education: Why seniors should continue to learn new things

As back to school season creeps into view, out attention shifts to school bells, back packs, and the hard work that goes in to earning an education. Don’t let your enthusiasm for learning shrivel with age. Here are some reasons why seniors should continue to actively learn and experience new things.  

1.    It keeps our minds sharp
We often hear the phrase “use it or lose it,” when it comes to our cognitive abilities, but some studies suggest that repetitive behaviors aren’t enough when it comes to keeping aging minds nimble. Instead, we should try doing things that are unfamiliar and mentally challenging, like learning how to play an instrument, or speak a different language.

2.    It keeps us relevant and engaged
Experiencing things that are new, not just for us, but for everyone, helps keep us stay up to date on what’s happening around us.  So go ahead, join a current events discussion group, learn how to use the newest iPhone, or get involved with your local government –  social responsibility extends far into our golden years! 

3.    It keeps us happy!
Aside from giving us a deep sense of purpose, continuing education helps us make new friends.  Social bonds help battle the onset of loneliness and depression, which is crucial to seniors, especially if they’re homebound or have recently lost a loved one.  So what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking cap and get your happy on!