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Spot the Signs: Is it Time for a Loved One to Move to Senior Living?

Are you noticing a change in your parents’ daily life? Perhaps they’re no longer eating as healthy, or bathing and dressing may have become a challenge. Are they struggling to keep up with home maintenance or housekeeping?

These can be signs that help may be needed.

As we grow older, it’s not uncommon to find even simple tasks a little more difficult. But if your parents’ health is beginning to suffer or their safety risk is increasing, you may want to consider if remaining at home is still the best option – or if it’s time for senior living.

The goal of aging well

Regardless of our age, we all want to live well. How that is defined can be different for each individual, but remaining as independent as possible, feeling supported and safe, as well as taking steps to reduce anxiety encourages an older adult to achieve their highest quality of life.

At some point, however, the question may become whether home or a senior living community is the best foundation for that to happen.

Signs it may be time to move into senior living

Adult children are often uncertain or frustrated when trying to decide if their parents need additional care or more specialized services. It’s not always an easy decision to make. But asking these questions can help guide your parents and family in making the right choice.

Do your parents need help with basic daily tasks?

Bathing, dressing, grooming or managing multiple medications can become a challenge. Could your parents use a helping hand on a daily basis to make life easier and safer?

Are your parents unable to keep up with their home’s maintenance and upkeep?

If your parents are homeowners, the responsibilities can become overwhelming as they grow older. Are you hiring someone to do the work or taking on a few of the chores yourself?

Will your parents’ home require renovating to be age-friendly?

Most homes in the U.S. weren’t designed to age-in-place. Are your parents navigating stairs and steps, narrow hallways, or kitchens and bathrooms that aren’t accessible or pose a falling risk?

Are your parents able to shop and prepare healthy foods?

Are you noticing your parents have expired food in their refrigerator and little in their pantry? Are they substituting processed food or snacks for healthy meals?

Are your parents remaining active and engaged?

Do your parents still participate in activities they enjoy? Do they appear connected with their community and neighborhood? Or are they becoming less involved in their own lives?

Do your parents seem lonely or socially isolated?

Do your parents talk about getting together with old friends? As we grow older, we often lose contact with others and find that meeting new people can be more difficult. This can result in becoming isolated.

Are your parents remaining physically and cognitively fit?

It is always important to keep our bodies and minds in shape but may become more of a challenge if it requires going to a gym or class. Do your parents continue to exercise or participate in activities that stimulate their mind?

Are your parents spending more time at home because they no longer drive?

If your parents are not driving, they may need to rely on alternative transportation options, including asking others for rides. Many older adults choose to stay at home instead.

Are your parents able to handle their finances?

Have you found stacks of unopened mail, including unpaid bills or notices – a sign that your parents may no longer be able to keep up with their finances?

Do your parents feel safe and secure?

As we grow older, we often become more concerned or anxious about our security. Have your parents expressed added worries about feeling safe living at home, especially if something were to happen and help were needed?

Milestone Retirement Communities

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