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Warmer Weather is On the Way: 4 Fun Things to Do on a Nice Day With Your Loved One

Now that the weather is warming up, being outside is a great way to recharge and experience new things. Think nature walks, picnics in the park, and farmers market trips. There are so many ways to socialize, exercise, and explore our creativity outside this season with our loved ones.

Have a Picnic in the Park

Is there a park or nature preserve nearby that you’ve been wanting to check out? A new, seasonal salad recipe you’ve been wanting to try? Enjoying a meal together outside is an excellent way to soak up some extra vitamin D and socialize with our seniors. For extra-comfortable seating options for your loved one, be sure to bring along some folding chairs or find a spot with a picnic table for ease of mobility.

Bring the Games Outside

Take it outside! It’s easy to move games like checkers, cribbage, and Scrabble outside for a fun way to play and breathe in some fresh air. Playing cards are also easy to pack, with endless game options for keeping our seniors’ minds active. Try out travel versions of your favorite games, too, for easy transport.

Stroll Through a Farmers Market or Flea Market

Visiting a farmers market is a fun way to mingle with the community and discover new local foods, crafts, and art. Sample regional delicacies, see what artisans are creating in your area, and meet new people. Outdoor flea markets and swap meets are also an easy way to get out and mingle.

Do Arts & Crafts Outside

When the weather’s nice, help develop your senior’s creativity with some simple arts and crafts projects. Set up a tabletop easel and paint your surroundings. Grab some markers and print out a variety of free adult coloring pages for an easy, relaxing art activity.

Cheers to a new spring season! When you’re ready for your next activity, head over to read our other posts on the Milestone Retirement Communities blog page.